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she is the main character of my short animation I've been working on.
digitally generated with 3D CG software(maya).

RGB, with or without

image of the short

concept sketch

first sketch of the character. I wanted some attitude, but 3D model has softer look I guess...

porche 356B

I made 3D model because I LOVE this car.

VFX for live action film

This is one of the movies I worked as a Technical Director at visual effects company Giant Killer Robots. Many of you might remember the movie "The Mask(1994)" which is one of the Jim Carrey's funny comedies. But not so many of you know there is a sequel... "Son of the Mask". Well unfortunately, I can't recommend you to watch it(Jim Carrey is not in the movie besides the main actor was nominated as worst actor by Razzie Award. please guess).It may sound excuse, but I didn't work on the concept.

Anyway, the movie series were known as exaggerated cartoon expression mixed with live action. Cartoon part was CG and added later. My job was making them look like "realistic" in the movie world - creating material, matching lighting to the live action footage, and rendering as a film.
these are some of the rendered images.


boxing glove


lollipop and pencil



Here is another Visual Effects work I did at Giant Killer Robots. This is a superhero movie "Fantastic 4".
The story is taking place in New York City, but the shooting was all done in Vancouver.
Which means, all environment were generated by computer graphics.
In this image below, there is no real material- even actors are CG double.

I did characters textures, too. some shots were finished with these actors "double".